Accelerating patient-led neurological research

novel data collection, expansive phenotyping, clinical state prediction and outcomes measurement
At Cogniant we are supporting researchers, clinicians and biopharma companies along the value chain of clinical research and drug discovery for psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Our clinically validated solutions are being used by the world's most diverse patient populations. Patients love us.
  • Our solutions are enabling groundbreaking neurological research at the world's best academic and clinical institutions.
  • We are working with the top global biopharma and biotech companies to accelerate their clinical research.

Endpoints for clinical trials often do not measure efficacy beyond the lab, for approved drugs there is clinical trials efficacy to real world evidence gap.

At Cogniant, we have created the first truly passive, patient centric solution that captures relevant digital biomarkers across ubiquitous mobile devices. Our Cogniant family of clinically validated solutions are being used by patients, physicians and researchers. We collect novel data for expansive phenotyping, clinical state prediction and outcomes measurement

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Clinically validated solution that is focused on specific neurological therapeutic areas. Our novel data sets represents the world's most diverse populations servicing patients, providers and biopharma.


We have enriched data sets and novel data collection to support efficacy and effectiveness of clinical studies, to enhance patient selection for clinical trials, conduct cohort studies and generate evidence for multiple drug modalities.


We have partnered with leading researchers and hospitals to become clinically validated. Cogniant is actively looking to expand applications of it's platform to solve neurological research challenges.


We have partnered with leading academic institutions, hospitals and biopharma. Accelerating neurological research for improving patient outcomes.

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Clinically validated solution for world’s most diverse patient populations, providers and sponsors